Black Mecha: Counterforce 2xLP


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Side A:
1. Counterforce
2. Mobile Anzug Damgun
Side B:
3. Inner Star War
4. Interregnum
5. Non-force Sensitive
Side C
6. Five Point Badge,
7. Archetypo
8. Actual Edge
Side D
9. Victory Black Mecha
10. Axis E.P

“Counterforce” the crowning new release of mentation electronics, from BLACK MECHA (masterminded by Fortress Crookedjaw of WOLD) provides raw beats and hooks, alongside reflexive black laser rays, cumulating in a type of sci-fi themed conceptual rhythm music for your mind/body; (one in the same). The “Counterforce” visual art, adorned on the front and back cover, provides an advanced actualization of Internal Masonry S. Star Sigil rumination emanation metaphor technique of which encompasses special geometric based inner space mind constellation illustrations.