Gevurah: Sulphur Soul Vinyl LP


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Track Listing:
1. The Putrid Stench Of Rotting Flesh 2. Across The Primordial Sea
3. Mark Of Lucifer
4. Black Sun Thaumiel

*Comes in a single LP gatefold jacket with gold foil with an 8x11 12-page booklet and a download card.

“Sulphur Soul” Vinyl Editions
*100 units gold vinyl
*400 units black vinyl

“Sulphur Soul”, the latest offering from Canadian black metal unit GEVURAH continues and builds upon the promise laid down with the band’s 2016 debut LP “Hallelujah!” one of said year’s most recognized moments within the black metal scene. With “Sulphur Soul”, GEVURAH continue to explore their more aggressive and punishing aspect of their sound while still developing it even further into more complex and challenging realms. The four hymns that encompass the 32-minutes that grace “Sulphur Soul” present some of the most intense and uncompromising GEVURAH material yet and shows how the Montreal-based duo encircle their sonic palette with a new heightened sense of brutality and atmosphere, all while upholding the dark essence and the transcendental spiritual aura that defines them.