Luminous Vault: Charismata Vinyl 12"


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Comes in a single LP jacket with a designed inner sleeve and to be played at 45rpm.

Track Listing: 1. Birthblood, 2. Kyrios, 3. Charismata, 4. Tower

“Charismata” Vinyl Versions:
300 units on Black vinyl

NY-based industrial black metal entity LUMINOUS VAILT have announced the release of “Charismata”, the duo’s second EP (which follows their 2015 EP “Communion” which was released on limited edition cassette on Graceless Recordings) set for release in early March on limited edition vinyl (300 units in 45rpm black vinyl) and digital via Profound Lore Records.  Formed in 2014 by acclaimed NYC musician MDdL (aka ONEIROGEN), the band evolved into a duo with SS (of ARTIFICIAL BRAIN) on bass and would combine militaristic death/black metal with colossal drum machine beats and ethereal synth passages in what it would sound like if early ‘90s Greek black metal and Godflesh amalgamated. With their Profound Lore debut, LUMINOUS VAULT has crafted a primal, hypnotic, and hallucinatory set of four songs, conjuring mythological experiences of death, rebirth, and battles of the inner self.